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Rocky Point Mexico - Rocky Point Hotels - Rocky Point Resorts - Rocky Point Rentals - Welcome to Synergy Reservations - Serving Rocky Point since 1987

Rocky Point Hotels

Rocky Point Mexico is located about 60 miles South of the US Mexico border.  Rocky Point is a popular vacation destination within Mexico, attracting thousands of visitors annually.  Travelers flock to the beaches of Rocky Point Mexico to enjoy the wonderful seaside climate that this one time quaint fishing village offers.  It is a good place to get away and enjoy a nice beach vacation in Mexico.  One of the unique things about traveling to Rocky Point Mexico is that you can go there for a short weekend vacation, or stay for a longer time frame.  The area is known as a drive to destination which makes those short weekend trips possible and popular, they are quite the norm.  Visitors to Rocky Point Mexico are mostly from the USA and Mexico, but it is not uncommon to see people there from Canada as well.  It is important to note that passports are required to enter back into the USA from Rocky Point Mexico.

"Rocky Point" Mexico as it is commonly referred to by American travelers is located in the North Western Mexican State of Sonora.  In Spanish, the area is actually called Puerto Penasco.  So, if you hear someone say Puerto Penasco Mexico and Rocky Point in the same sentence they are actually talking about the same place.  Puerto Penasco is the Spanish name, Rocky Point is the English given name.  Puerto Penasco was given the English name Rocky Point by British sailors way back in the early 1800's.  These British sailors were sailing in the Sea of Cortez looking for pearls and treasures.  They starting calling Puerto Penasco "Rocky Point" in English and the name stuck.  It was even noted on marine maps as Rocky Point Mexico.  It is not uncommon for someone to call this great oasis Rocky Point and then Puerto Penasco Mexico in the same breath.  If someone says they are going to vacation and stay in one of the many available Puerto Penasco hotels or Puerto Penasco resorts, we know they also mean Rocky Point hotels or Rocky Point resorts.

Rocky Point Mexico has blossomed into a major vacation destination, this is due in large part to its natural beauty as well as its close proximity to the United States border.  The close proximity to the US border coupled with little to no availability of commercial flights have made Rocky Point Mexico primarily a drive to destination, but that is about to change.  Flights into Rocky Point Mexico have recently started with commercial airliner AeroMexico as the carrier.  They will be flying into the Rocky Point airport from select locations right now, including Las Vegas, Nevada.  A lot of people have been asking for Puerto Penasco flights and they are finally taking shape.  You can book a flight to Puerto Penasco now.

Rocky Point Resorts and Puerto Penasco Resorts

The number of visitors who travel to Rocky Point Mexico are growing in large numbers year by year.  Rocky Point Resorts have become a popular place to stay and they are primarily located on what is called "Sandy Beach" off the Sea of Cortez.  Sandy beach offers up a white sandy beach with clear blue ocean water and a beautiful view of the Sea of Cortez.  There are many resorts located on Sandy Beach in Rocky Point Mexico.  These Puerto Penasco Resorts offer many luxuries that one would expect of a resort, with the inclusion of the comforts of home.  A guest can get all of this with oceanfront views to go with it.  If you are staying in a condo on the beach in Rocky Point Mexico you will not be disappointed.  For questions about the resorts in Rocky Point you can contact one of the friendly agents at Synergy Reservations Rocky Point Mexico, they have been serving Rocky Point since 1987!

Rocky Point Hotels and Puerto Penasco Hotels

There are also quite a few options to stay in a Rocky Point hotel.  Hotels are popular in Rocky Point Mexico as they have been around longer and also offer up more of a close knit and cozy experience.  Some of the more popular Puerto Penasco hotels are Playa Bonita, Laos Mar, and Penasco Del Sol.  However, there are many other hotel options available in Puerto Penasco Mexico, refer to an agent at Synergy reservations if you have any questions or would like to make a reservation.

Rocky Point Rentals and Puerto Penasco rentals

Are you looking for Rocky Point rentals to stay in while on your vacation to Rocky Point?  We are the world's largest reservation agent for Rocky Point Hotels , Condos and Beach Houses in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco), Mexico, currently booking for 20 different properties. This up and coming Fishing Village on the northern Sea of Cortez is Arizona's Closest Beach, and some people are saying it will become the next Cabo San Lucas.  There are a lot of different Rocky Point rentals that we at Synergy reservations can advise you on and help you book a reservation for them.  Lot's of people who travel to Rocky Point, stay in one of the Rocky Point rentals that Synergy represents.  There are plenty of different options available for you to stay in one of many Puerto Penasco rentals as well.  

Come on down to the beach and check it out---you'll discover a new and exciting place to relax and vacation. If you have some important questions before you travel, click Q & A for the most updated information we have. For printable Driving Directions from Arizona, click: Driving Instructions.  We hope that you indulge and enjoy yourself in one of the many Rocky Point rentals that are available.

Big welcome from and the rest of the Synergy Reservations team! We hope your trip to Rocky Point Mexico is amazing.

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