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Synergy Tour Resources, Inc., began as a classic case of mid-life crisis.


Charles Watts and his wife Leslie Walch had a comfortable life. He was operations manager at a major computer company. She owned her own personnel agency. They had three cars, two coonhounds, a house in Scottsdale, Arizona, and a vacation shack in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco), Mexico with a million dollar view of the sunset over the Sea of Cortez.

It was the Sunday before Labor Day 1989. Charles had just been fired. He was depressed. He was sick of wearing a coat and tie. He saw before him the grim prospect of trying to find a good job in a tight market for a man in his mid-40's.

He was reading the Sunday travel section of the local paper. He suddenly realized that there were no advertisements for trips to Rocky Point. The proverbial light bulb came on. He would start a company taking tours to Rocky Point.

Leslie liked the idea. Even though neither partner had ever been in the travel business, or even taken an escorted tour, both were world travelers. Leslie had spent extensive time in Europe and Australia; Charles was an Air Force brat who had grown up in Germany and Japan, and had since then taught literature in Iran, worked with refugees in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Costa Rica, and done extensive travel in south Asia, from Afghanistan to Nepal.

Other people in the travel industry told them that they were fools. They knew nothing about the business; Rocky Point was too easy to get to by car--nobody would want to go there on a tour; other people had tried the same thing and failed; the economic situation in America was going to the dogs and it was definitely not the right time to be starting a small business; if it was such a good idea, why had no one already done it?

Ignoring all the "good" advice from local travel professionals, Leslie and Charles set up business and took their first tour group (six people in a rented van) during the last week in November 1989. Because they knew nothing about the business, they were not aware that most companies hired guides at the lowest possible wage and with minimal training, so they paid their guides a good wage and trained them well in the history, geology, ecology and sociology of the destinations they went to. Because they knew nothing about the business, they were not aware that customers were demanding and tended to create problems, so they treated their clients like family---all guides were taught that their job was to take "Mom and Pop, Aunt and Uncle, Brother and Sister to a place they had never seen and show them a good time." Because they knew nothing about the business, they were not aware that word travels fast when customers are satisfied---they began getting calls from groups and individuals they had taken to Rocky Point who liked the way they operated, and wanted to go to other destinations.

Charles and Leslie expanded their operations in Mexico, choosing destinations that were little known or rejected by others in the travel business. Soon they were doing tours to San Felipe, Guaymas/San Carlos, Alamos, the Copper Canyon. Because they knew nothing about the business, each tour was different from those offered by other companies, emphasizing personal attention, education about the area being visited, and solid value.

Once again the groups started calling. Could Synergy take them to Branson? To Oregon? To San Antonio? Because they knew nothing about the business, Charles and Leslie said no. We don't know those destinations. But if you want to go there, give us a month to investigate and we'll get back to you.

Charles or Leslie would fly to the proposed destination and learn about it, make relationships with hotels and motorcoach companies and restaurants and attractions. If they felt that the destination was worth doing, they'd create an itinerary aimed at the particular group that was interested.

Today, Synergy Tour Resources does tours all over Mexico, the USA, Canada, and beyond. Their emphasis remains the same---treat people like family, show them a good time, know where you are going, and offer solid value. Don't do what everybody else does; do the right thing.

PS--The name Synergy means "working together, the cooperative action of two or more discrete entities to create an outcome greater than the sum of the effects of each entity taken separately"--i.e., 2+2=5!.

Well, its July 2005, and its seems that we have come full circle. Charles and Leslie are retired now, enjoying the freedom that work just "doesn't seem to offer!" From the phone calls and photos they send, they seem to be having a great time. We are very happy for them both, because they have worked extremely hard for a very long time and deserve all the riches life has to offer. Now, you may ask yourself, who controls Synergy Tours? Which is a very good question. Synergy has now become 2 different companies with different names, still offering the highest quality service for Tours, and Reservations for Rocky Point. Synergy Tours Resources, the Tour Department, is now owned and managed by Michael Hagerman. Reservations for Rocky Point is now called "Synergy Reservations Inc.", owned and managed by Alexis Watts. You can give us a call about all things Rocky Point! We promise to continue to offer the best service available for all Tours, and Reservations for Rocky Point. Thank you for continued interest in other parts of the world.

In 2005, Synergy Reservations has taken an aggressive stance on Rocky Point, which means, we love the job at hand, and we take our responsibility very seriously. We had 4 different articles publish last year about Rocky Point, and we produced 3 different commercials. Even more important, I believe, is a rumor we squashed in about 45 minutes, that claimed there was a shooting on the main road, Mexico Highway #8. We heard the information through Charles Watts, our previous Owner, now retired. He printed an article he found on the internet about the "so called" shooting. Then, we heard it on Channel 12 the same morning. I "jumped on my horse", made a few calls locally, and to Rocky Point, and found out the truth. The shooting happened on Highway #2, which runs between Mexico and the California border. I called Channel 12 immediately to tell them of what I found. Within 1 hour, Joe Dana, from Channel 12, was in our office interviewing Alexis Watts, the current Owner and Manager of Synergy Reservations. We stopped an ugly rumor, that had nothing to do with Rocky Point, and made sure that we were correct with our information. That felt good! Their are so many time throughout the year that we hear "something happened in Mexico", and it never has to do with Rocky Point. Then, suddenly, our phones blow up, because people are not correctly informed about the situation. We are here to help correct this never ending problem. Rocky Point is safe. Someone from our office goes to Rocky Point at least once a month. Trust me: If we know of any problems regarding Rocky Point, we would share it with everyone, Immediately!

We had a great year in 2006.We are looking forward to 2007! Synergy had 4 different articles published last year in the following magazines: JOIN us, produced in Rocky Point. Discover Sonora Adventure Magazine, who's main focus is the beautiful State of Sonora, including Rocky Point. A Tourist News Z, produced in Arizona. Senior Magazine, produced by Jeff Prager. We also had several new commercials that aired on Cox channel 8, Local Channel 27, and on Channel 12 News! Most recent, we had a photo and new article published in a local free publication called 944. 

If you have any Tour or Cruise questions,

please call: 866-483-3379

If you have any questions about Rocky Point, Mexico,

please call Synergy Reservations Inc.


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