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Here are some of the questions that we get asked often about traveling to

Rocky Point, Mexico.

If you think of something we may have missed, or have a question of your own,

please feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Thank you for your continued interest.

Synergy Reservations, Inc.

Local 480-994-4475  National 1-800-569-1797 


First question we must answer right away!?

Q. Is Rocky Point Fun?

A. All of Us at Synergy Reservation say "Yes!"

Several of us from the office travel to Rocky Point

twice a month during High Season.

(March - November)


Q. What is required to travel to Rocky Point?

A. A state issued I.D. (like a drivers license) & a Birth Certificate or a Passport.

Post offices are now accepting applications for the new Passport card which is half the price of a passport and allows you to drive back in to the U.S.A. from Mexico & Canada.

To locate a Post Office near you that accepts Passport Applications,

call 1-800-ASK-USPS (275-8777)

Or call the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778


Q. Do the kids need an ID or Proof of Age to travel?

A. If they are 17 or younger a birth certificate is all you need.

The only exception may be a parent traveling alone with children.

If one adult is traveling with several children,

you should have a notarized letter from the second parent

stating that it is ok to travel out of the country with the children.


Q. Do I need Mexican Auto Insurance?

A. By Law, Liability is required, but not Full Coverage.

(Click Auto Insurance  for the most current information)

Ask yourself, "Is it worth possible jail time or loss of my vehicle?"


Q. What time does the border close?

A. The border crossing at Lukeville, Az. is closed

from 12 midnight to 6:00 am daily.


Q. When is the best time to cross the border to avoid a long line?

A. "Here is what we can recommend".

As for going to Rocky Point:

Most travelers seem to have the same work schedule as we do.

Meaning: A large amount of people seem to travel

after work (5 or 6pm), so certain travel routes may

have more vehicle traffic at that time.

 Travelers from Phoenix or Tucson have a 4 hour drive.

In our years of traveling to Rocky Point, we have

never had to wait in line to getting into Mexico.

If you need assistance finding a good route from

your area, please give us a call.  

As for leaving Mexico to return to the US:

Most hotels in Rocky Point  have a check out time

at 12 noon (11am for Penasco Del Sol).

Most condos at 11:00 am.

If you decide to pack up your gear & family

between 10 am and 2pm, you may find yourself in a

long line of cars heading for the border at the same time as you.

This may cause a longer wait to cross than normal.

If you have everyone in the car and ready to go

by 8am or 9am, and head to the border, you

can usually expect to find a very short wait.

As for a Major Holiday weekend, it can be busy all day long,

considering most people have additional days off from work.

We just returned from Thanksgiving Weekend (2005) and it took us

4 hours and 10 minutes to get across the border!

We recently returned form Easter weekend 2006, leaving

Rocky Point around 9am, and only has a 10 minute wait at the border.

                      Rocky Point


Q. Is Rocky Point a Safe place to visit?

A. Yes. Rocky Point is very safe.

Being the closest beach to Arizona,

Rocky Point is enjoyed by everyone year-round for different reasons.

We get calls from people in New York, Canada, New Mexico,

Texas, Colorado, California and a ton of people from Arizona!

If we are aware of any problems regarding Rocky Point,

we notify our customers immediately!


Q. How far is the drive from Tucson or Phoenix?

A. It is a 4 hour drive from both cities listed.

Give us a call at 480-994-4475 or 800-569-1797

and we will be happy to send you driving instructions

by mail, email or by fax.


Q. Can I find any rental car agencies that allow their cars to Rocky Point?

A. Yes. Several rental companies allow cars or vans

 to travel to Rocky Point, but you are required

to get auto insurance through them.

(Check Hot Links  for more information)


Q. Are their any buses or vans that travel to Rocky Point?

A. Yes. We have found several sources that may help you.

In Phoenix, Kona Shuttle For information or prices, please call: 602-956-5696

In Phoenix, Head to Rocky Point For information or prices, please call: 602-971-0166

In Tucson, Superior Transport For information or prices, please call: 800-982-6988


Q. Can I use my credit card or travelers checks around town?

A. Yes and No. Yes, most places accept Visa or Master Card, but

not American Express or Discover.

As for Travelers Checks,

we have heard that they are accepted, but difficult to cash and use.

You may be charged a service fee, or be asked

to spend the full amount at that location.


Q. Do I have to change my money into Pesos?

A. No, its not necessary unless you want to.

If you are bringing cash, we suggest taking smaller bills, ($1, $5 & $10)

which makes things a little easier for eating, shopping, ect..


Q. Is there a Bank or ATM available?

A. Yes, but be aware; All money drawn from the bank is given to you in Pesos

and you are charged around $5.00 to take the money out of your account.


Q. Can I bring my pet to Rocky Point?

A. Yes, you are allowed to bring you pet into Rocky Point.

As for your return trip to the U.SA. you will need to provide current shot records,

which is proof the animal belongs to you, and is safe to travel.


Q. What am I allowed to bring into Mexico?

A. From our experience, you are able to bring most all

types of food, alcohol, tobacco, ect..

We have been stopped at the border many times, and it's always very simple.

They may ask you to stop the vehicle, get out and open the trunk.

They take a quick look, maybe ask a question, and your on your way!




Q. What can I bring back into the US?

A. This is where you will find more restrictions.

The sign posted at the border states that you are

allowed 1 Liter of alcohol or a six pack of beer per person every 30 days

and 1 Carton of Cigarettes per person over the age of 18.

Plus, no Pork products allowed back in the US,

and no fresh fruit or vegetables. 

Beef & Chicken is fine.

If you are buying alcohol at the border,

either on the US side or Mexican side,

you must take the receipt to the border office to show the purchased item.


Q. Do any hotels or condos allow pets?

A. Yes, the Hotel Baja allows pets.

No condos allow pets unless your a condo owner.

For more information about the 1 hotel allowing pets,

Click Hotels


Q. How are the restaurants in town and are they expensive?

A. There are a bunch of great restaurants throughout Rocky Point,

and most with really good prices.

We have listed some of the best restaurants available.

Restaurants 1

Restaurants 2


Q. Is the water and ice safe for drinking?

A. Yes. Most restaurants will give you a bottle of

water when ordered, not a glass already full.

They also use good water for their ice cubes.

All restaurants listed on our site are wonderful &

 pride themselves on giving you the best service available.

Restaurants 1

Restaurants 2


Q. What is the best time of year to visit Rocky Point?

A. Well, that depends on what you like to do and what you enjoy.

From mid to late March, until mid November,

Rocky Point is very popular.

It will slow down a bit in July & August, due to the humidity.

From late November to mid February, its too cold to swim in the ocean,

but you can still enjoy many other activities.

Day and Sunset Cruises, Fishing Trips, CEDO Adventures,

Aquarium, Shopping, Sunsets,

and much much more if you time to enjoy them.


Q. Does it rain a lot in Rocky Point?

A. Actually, No.

 Rocky Point gets very little rain fall per year.

You will find a windy day more often than a rainy day.


Q. Are their any Handicap Friendly properties?

A. Most properties in Rocky Point are not ADA compliant.

Certain properties do have elevators and ramps in place of stairs,

for easier access around the property.

For the best information, please call:

480-994-4475 or 800-569-1797


Q. Are their R.v. Parks and Camp Grounds in town?

A. Yes. Here is a list in order of most requested to least reequested:

Playa Bonita R.V. park: 011-52-638-38-32586

Playa Miramar R.V. park: 011-52-638-38-32587

Playa Elegante R.V. park: 011-52-638-38-33712

Playa De Oro R.V. park: 011-52-638-38-32668


Q. Can I find a cab if I want to leave the car at the property?

A. Yes. Their are a bunch of cabs available around town.

You can ask the front desk of your hotel or condo to call you a cab.

                      Rocky Rentals


Q. Is their something for the kids to do?

A. Oh Yes! You can find a bunch of fun things for the whole family.

For the most current updates idea's for you and your family,

Click: Fun Idea's in Rocky Point


Q. When should I be worried about Stingrays & Jellyfish?

A. Jellyfish: Mid July to Late August.

From mid July to late August, you will see more Jellyfish

floating closer to shore, closer than normal.

Sometimes you will find a few dead (or dying) ones on the beach.

Even the dead ones on the beach can still hurt you, if you touch them.

Here is what they look like.

(Don't mistake this for bubble gum and put it in your mouth!)

                      Rocky Point Rentals

                      Sonoran SeaSonoran Sea Resort


Now, as for the Stingrays, they are around all year long,

you just can't see them as well.

                      Sonoran Sea Rocky Point

Stingray will hide under the sand, so to avoid getting hurt,

you want to shuffle your feet, instead of taking steps.

When you shuffle your feet, the movement scares them off.

If you take a step and happen to step on a small Stingray,

his reaction is to curl his tail like a Scorpion.

In the tail is the painful stinger!

If it is a "Severe" time of year for either Jelly Fish or Stingrays,

you will see signs posted on the beaches and in each rental property.


Q. Will we be able to find some places to go shopping?

A. Yes! You will find a large variety of items for

sale all around Rocky Point.

You will find items for sale like jewelry, sunglasses, T-shirts,

hats, ceramic statues (small & large), all types of furniture,

 hammocks, wind chimes, and much, much more!

To see some recommended areas for Shopping,

Click: Shops & Stores 

Also, take a look at the Malecon

The Malecon offers shopping with an ocean view!


Q. Will I be able to find a nice hotel or condo in Rocky Point?

A. Yes. I am confident we can find something

in your price range that will fit your needs.

We are able to book for over 20 different properties!


Q. Do the properties have security for our vehicles?

A. Yes. All the hotel have on site-24 hour security (some gated)

 and the condo have gated parking with 24 hour security.


Q. Do all the hotels and condos make us wear wrist-bands

on all major Holidays, and sometimes year round?

A. Yes. It makes it much easier for the Staff and

on site Security to keep order, and make sure that everyone

has a good time, without being over-run by non renters.


Q. Is their a place in town with internet access?

A. Yes. Max's Cafe (by the Penasco Del Sol) has

free internet use on 2 computers and free wireless access.

(certain time limit required for use at Max's Cafe)

Guest who stay at the all of the modern

condominiums also has free wireless access.


Q. Is their a Golf Coarse in Rocky Point?

A. Yes. It is at the Las Palomas Golf Links!

(opened in June 2006, just behind sandy beach)

For the best information, Rates and Tee Times,

Click: Las Palomas Golf Links

Casa Blanca Villas also has an 18 hole miniature golf coarse

open for the guest/renters of Casa Blanca.

Not open to the public.


Q. Do they offer Fishing Charters in Rocky Point?

A. Yes! You can find a large variety of boats and

prices for the different time frame you choose.

 For the most current information, Click: Fishing Charters


Q. Can I find a Quad rental, if we decide to leave our quads at home?

A. Yes. Their are a large variety of Quad & Golf Cart

rentals in Rocky Point.

For more information, Click: Quads & Golf Carts


Q. Is their a fun place to go dancing in Rocky Point?

A. Yes. Several actually. People seem to really enjoy the Playa Bonita hotel,

Manny's Beach Club, Pink Cadillac, The Pitahaya Bar,

Puesta Del Sol, and JJ's Cantina.


Q. Where are we allowed to shoot off some fireworks?

A. If you already have a reservation at a hotel or condo,

check with them on their specific rules upon check in.

What we have heard from most of the hotels is that

you are allowed to shoot them off on the beach, facing the water.

You are NOT ALLOWED to use them on the property itself.

As for most condos, they may allow you to use them on the beach,

facing the ocean, but they usually have a cut off time.

Some DO NOT ALLOW  it at all.

You can shoot them off on the Rocky Beach by Manny's Beach Club,

between Manny's and the Pitahaya Bar,

and on Sandy Beach in designated areas.

Best advice we can give you is this:

Wait until dark, then head outside and just watch & listen.

You will find find a place to go "Boom!"


Q. Do I have to tip the Red Cross or Firemen,

when they stand in the road with the red cones?

A. No. You are not required to give any money to these local departments.

However, if you injure yourself, or get stung by a stingray or jellyfish,

and need assistance, "most likely"

these will be the people who will help you free of charge.

They do accept donations for their services.

"We can tell you that they are some of the best

people to have helping you, in case of an emergency."

Everyone worries about what to do if something

happens to you or a loved one on a vacation.

These people offer help all the time, no questions asked!


That's It!

We hope we have covered all the important questions.

The best advice is to use Common Sense when traveling.

That applies to everyone traveling in the Us and Mexico.


One last item we thought would be helpful are some

of the different contact phone numbers in Rocky Point.

1. Hospital  011-52-638-38-34566

2. Red Cross  011-52-638-38-32266

3. Police Station 011-52-638-38-32626 or 31616

4. Fire Station (Bomberos) 011-52-638-38-32828

5. Sky Med Air Ambulance (from Mexico) 001-866-805-9624

6. Taxi's 011-52-638-38-32773

7. Playa Bonita R.v. Park & Camp Ground 011-52-638-38-32586


Mileage from Us Cities to Puerto Penasco, Rocky Point.

Albuquerque, Nm. -- 630 miles

Denver, Co. -- 1,086 miles

El Paso, Tx. -- 486 miles

Las Vegas, Nv. -- 472 miles

Los Angeles, Ca. -- 568 miles

Phoenix, Az. -- 212 miles

San Diego, Ca. -- 468 miles

Sante Fe, Nm. -- 683 miles

Tucson, Az. -- 212 miles

Yuma, Az. -- 211 miles


To locate a Post Office near you that accepts Passport Applications,

call 1-800-ASK-USPS (275-8777)

Or call the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778


For Weather Click:


Thank You all for the great questions over the years.


Please remember that all information on this page

give by Synergy Reservations Inc is our "Best Opinion", and no more.

We just want you to be informed about traveling to

Rocky Point, Mexico.

Thank You.

Synergy Reservations, Inc.

Local 480-994-4475

National 800-569-1797

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